We stumbled across CrossFit back in 2007.  After about 2 yrs of some local exposure to CrossFit, Brian’s career moved us out to the east coast, Connecticut.  There we became involved with CrossFit Relentless and forged some lasting relationships with the owners.  We mentored under them sparking an interest for us to move back to the Midwest and open our own box.  CrossFit Creed found its first location in Roseland January 2011.  Since then we have been striving to provide a learning environment that stresses the importance of good mobility and movement patterns.

Our Creed:  Form First, speed follows…not only serves to reinforce quality of movement but also minimizing risk of injury.  It is our mission to create a true coaching facility prioritizing form over both weight and speed.  We teach you what you need to know, help to reform good habits and give you strategy to unlearn bad habits.  It is our mission to provide a fun, safe community and equip you with principles and techniques to give you a great workout. CrossFit builds its strength and lure on varied, functional exercise, but it creates its hold on you by the relationships developed with the people you wod with everyday.