CrossFit Classes

Our standard CrossFit class is best described as a group personal training class that operates under high intensity, constantly varied in its style, duration, and constitution of movements.  Our priority is form of movement to minimize risk of injury.  We review and teach at every session standards of movement and expectation of form.   We meet every athlete where their athletic ability and flexibility are and work toward moving them to their next level of skill and strength.

Membership PRICES

We offer one rate for full-time CrossFit.  We are open six days weekly, and this membership allows you to attend one class daily.

We do not offer an OPEN gym style class, as we believe in coaching and training of movement.  Open gym is contrary to this value and thusly we do not provide it.

NO contracts.

All active military folks, fire, police and EMS receive a discounted rate of $75/month on membership.  Our way of showing our appreciation for the sacrifices you make to keep us safe.  Thank you.

Full-time students:  $90/month

Regular Rates:  $130 monthly

Kids Classes

We do periodic Performance Training Camps for kids to help enhance basic skills that will help improve their abilities in any sport they are involved in.  We do allow teen youth into our adult classes with discretion and supervision of parents.  CrossFit will help bolster the training kids do for their preferred sport, making them faster, stronger and better equipped to excel at the sport they love.